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Pore Treatment Serum Pore Treatment Serum

Pore Treatment Serum Pore Treatment Serum

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Product information:

This product contains witch hazel flower water. After cleaning the blackheads, you can use it to replenish moisture and maintain moisture in the skin, relieve dryness, shrink pores and repair skin damage. The moisture-proof film can help your skin reach a water-oil balance, thus making your skin smooth.

How to use:
Apply astringent to the nose.
The pores become fine and smooth.

Tip: You can use it on your face or areas with large pores. If your skin is very sensitive, you will not use it until the test is done behind one of your ears.

1. This product can be used after removing the nasal mask and cleaning the skin.
2. Take a small amount and apply it on the blackhead. Massage gently until absorbed. Can be used on the face.

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